The Bombshelter Touchdown on the Chehalis Reservation

Got the stand in her spot yesterday.  We’ll be opening June 20th for another fabulous season.

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2015 Fireworks Season

The Bombshelter is getting ready for as exciting 2015 season! We are looking to be open June 15th.  bombshelter2015

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The Bombshelter is OPEN for business!

Come on by we’ll be open everyday at 11am till the fourth of July.  photo

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Getting Pretty Excited for 2014 Fireworks Season!!!

FW2013_2013Jul04_0076The Bombshelter is hoping to be open the first week of June of 2014 for an amazing fourth of July Season.


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This guy!

Cai Guo-Qiang is one of the most fascinating modern artists alive today, and his medium is fireworks! From choreographing the Beijing Olympic fireworks to Gun powder painting at the Guggenheim, Cai Gua-Qiang is pushing pyro techniques to the edge human capability, and it is awesome! Beyond the beauty and power of the explosions is Cai’s fascinating philosophy behind his art. A belief in extraterrestrials has led him to create giant ladders of explosions reaching into the heavens as an offering from earthlings to aliens as a place to descend to earth and mingle with humans. I think it’s perfect that a fellow fireworks enthusiast should be our ambassador to other worlds!
Happy Fourth of July everyone, see you at the Bombshelter!
Here’s the wiki link for more info.

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New bigger Bombshelter!!


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2012 Finale!

Thank you everyone for making the 2012 fireworks season the best yet!


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We’re all stocked up for the big weekend! Getting excited for the fourth!

We’ve got big fireworks, small fireworks, and everything in between! Come on down and see us for great deals on all your fireworks needs.


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The Stone

24 shot rack! It’s called The Stone because you put an entire Excalibur in it! We’ve got all the fuse you need to rig up your show. We’ve also got straight 6 shot and angled 6 shot racks available. All made with the highest quality density poly tubes for safety and long life.


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