I am a proud member of the Chehalis Tribe. I am a photographer living in Seattle and  I also do a little clothing design and sell on my etsy page.

Every summer I take a journey back home to sell fireworks out of my stand, The BombShelter. We are located in Thunder Valley on the Chehalis Indian Reservation.   I started selling fireworks for my mom at the age of fifteen, she has had a fireworks stand for over twenty years. I have had my own stand with my husband, Matt since 2009. I love my time on the rez selling fireworks, it keeps me connected to my family and my tribe. This blog is a journal about fireworks and hopefully gives you a little insight into the relationship between North West American Indians and Fireworks.

Thanks for stopping by,

Selena Kearney

9 Responses to About

  1. tyler stockton says:

    love what do guys do. cant wait to see you and matt. Are you doing the bakers dozen this year.

  2. Aleigh & Phillip says:

    Thank you so much. We had a blast visiting your stand today. You were so knowledgeable helpful. I wish you the best of luck in your business and hope to see you again

  3. Chuck says:

    Hudd, Bon and I are heading your way soon 🙂 Chuck

  4. greg orozco says:

    Hey Matt and Selena, My brother Tony and I [Greg Orozco from los Angeles]went to see you guys on June 29. bought a whole bunch of fireworks and set them off on the 4th. Everybody who was at the party enjoyed watching our show. The package American Envy was fantastic. Matt said he had not seen it, it was a great buy. thank-you Matt for all the advice on the cakes we bought. We had a great time setting off and enjoying the fireworks we got from you guys. Sorry this is a little late but I’m back in L.A. vacation over….. can’t wait till next year. Greg

  5. Victor S says:

    These guys are the BOMB!!! We come from Oregon every year on fathers day to go to casino and get fireworks from Bombshelter. This last sunday we got bunch of fireworks from them again but when we checked out we forgot to pack couple firecracker wheels…I was so bummed when I got home and saw they weren’t there. So I contacted Selena and she knew that we forgot them as well. She was super nice and even was willing to drive to Portland to deliver them. Fortunately, I had one of my drivers up in WA heading back to Portland so he stopped by and she passed a package to him…Whats crazy is when I got the box it was way more than what we forgot at her stand..I mean I was in shock!!! I am a customer for life! Thank you so much, I know thanks to Bombshelter our July 4th this year is going to be a BLAST!

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